North Asakawa River
North Asakawa Ongata
Trout Fishing Ground

(Ongata fisheries cooperative

1353,Kamiongata,Hachiōji-shi,Tokyo 192-0156, Jpan

Hours and Days Open
[April to October] 8:00 to 16:30
[November to March] 8:30 to 16:00

Closed days
December 30 to January 3
(fishing ground may be closed by a heavy rain and a typhoon temporarily)

Closed on Wednesdays from November to February.

The parking lot is free.

It is in the foot of the Mount Jinba.
A lot of nature is
in Kamiongata , Hachiōji-shi.
The fishing ground can enjoy fishing from a beginner to an expert.
There are the rentals such as fishing gears.
You can eat, bake trout at the BQQ huts and the river.
If your group has more than 10 people , please call to reserve.



Bait fishing/Limit 10 fish per person. - 3,500yen
Lure fishing・Fly fishing/
Limit 10 fish per person. - 4,000yen

Over 10 additional fish/1 fish par. - 300yen

Fishing bait(Salmon roe) - 500yen
Fishing bait(Waxworm) - 600yen

Firewood - 300yen
Grill - 300yen
Charcoal - 400yen
Trout/1 fish per.- 350yen
ental Fee
Bait fishing rods - 250yen
Lure rods - 1500yen

Hot plate - 1000yen

BBQ Huts Rental Fee
Large/Up to 25 people - 4000yen
Medium/Up to 15 people - 3000yen

Small/Up to 6 people - 1500yen

※Please make a telephone reservation for the use of the BQQ huts.
※You cannot swim in the river.
※You can bring in your fishing rod, fishing bait, food.


By car

Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway Hachiōji Nishi IC R61Turn right)→ Kawarajuku IntersectionTurn right)→ R521Jinba Highway5km
10 minutes from Hachiōji Nishi IC.

 By Train

Chuo Main Line Takao Station North ExitNishi Tokyo Bus (Go to jinbakogen)Bus Stop(chikaraishi)2-minute walk
The bus ride time is about 30 minutes.

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